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Price: $5 970.00USD

Location: Vava'u Island Group

NEW! 44 new home sites from on the hill down to the water and overlooking the sea!

Waterfront and ocean view, both with these perfectly placed building sites above the slope to the mini beaches below. The lots are 758 square meters (8,159 sq feet) of home building area with 375 more sq meters (4,036 sq feet) of water frontage safely situated above the inter-island sea below, all with stunning views of the Vava’u Island Group—ONLY $5,970 USD each plus the monthly payment of just $35 USD.

TERMS: Cash or 3 equal payments are same as cash.

This stunning property is made available to the public by the Noble Estate Holder in Vava’u, the Governor of Vava’u, for the maximum term allowed in Tonga of 99-years as defined by Tongan law. Start eating your fresh greens for that is a long, long time before renewal.

* Thanks to the foresight of the government for astutely concluding that attracting people who will build homes and reside in Tonga, contributing to the economy is worth more to the country than obtaining a high dollar for their land.

*The only catch is; the low pricing of the land is an inducement to attract foreign investment in building and residing in Vava’u Tonga. You have up to 12 years to build a home on your property. Home construction is liberal and permits readily available for most kinds of construction. You can build your own home or hire it with the contractor of your choice. You may rent your home or live in it. We have a generous home rental service set up to rent in Cocomo Village as soon as you are ready.

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: In the Vava’u Island Group of Tonga, the Cocomo-Sea Breeze Residential Community is a large parcel divided into 44 residential lots. The lots on this south side of the Vava’u-Hunga Island are situated up and off the water by 30 to 90 feet with a sloping access to the sea and the mini white sandy beaches below. Home locations are in a string such that the ocean views are not obstructed with houses in front and none in back of each lot, only along side. All of the lots have splendid vistas of our immense gift of nature, the extraordinary Vava’u Island Group and the ocean beyond.

Wireless phone and high speed Internet are available now and with a new Digicel tower going in soon service and speed should be second to none.

Vava’u is famous worldwide among whale watchers for the Humpback Whales make Vava’u their home and here they bear their young from May through November every year. You can swim with the whales in Vava’u because they are as gentle here as our “Friendly Island” native Tongans. (You can swim, and fish, with them too). If you are not into swimming with the Humpbacks, you can enjoy their parade all season from your veranda where they swim by this side of the island on their way to their resting locations. Some seem to wave at you, called “spy hopping.”

Neiafu is the nearest real town with everything including a large open fruit and veggie market, shops, restaurants, building suppliers, hotels, hospital, clinics and a marina where cruising yachts from around the world visit every year. Cocomo-Sea Breeze is less than 2 miles from the mainland, but 12 miles to Neiafu, wharf to wharf, a 25 minute ride in a fast boat. With the addition of these 44 lots to the 89 already sold, we expect to have enough residents on this island to afford more services to include, local stores, a doctor and clinic on the island and a larger ferryboat for low-cost regular transporting that 12 miles to the main island.

Worthy of mention, Cocomo owners have a free mooring space for their boats in the lagoon near the wharf of Vava’u-Hunga.

Purchase process steps..

The first step is your free, no money required “expression of interest,” click here for maps and registration form, a non-binding request to hold a lot allowing you to make a decision today without any risk. The process is a simple registration with the selection of your lot(s); limit 4 to a customer. To register your lot selection just fill in the registration form on this website, or send us an email directly to ( with your name and address with your lot number selection. If you want us to select for you, the selections will be chosen by the lowest lot number available at the time of receipt of your request. This free to hold lot(s) period may only be for a few days before formalization is required. This free period should give you sufficient time to communicate with us and sort out your thoughts in preparation for a final decision; meanwhile you have your selection on hold for you.

The second step is the formalizing of your lot selection, should you wish to proceed with documentation and consideration in the form of a deposit that applies to the purchase price in the amount of just $600 USD, which can be paid by bank wire transfer. This process is handled with our staff personally and directly with you, commencing with an email to you asking you if you wish to proceed. If it is a go, the documents are prepared and via email by attachment most of the paperwork is accomplished in a matter of days.

The third step is final payment and registration of your purchase with the government of Tonga. Of course you may pay in full at any time and finalize the transaction. Staging the payments in this manner allows for any last minute budgeting that you may require.

The details of the offer are below.

THE OFFER AND CONDITIONS: Tonga has land laws not unlike most of the Island countries in the South Pacific. The basics of the land laws can be summed up into one sentence. You cannot own land, you can only lease land. The consciousness of leasing land is much like leasing a car, but you have 99-years with noble and government estate land. Cocomo is a noble estate land. Foreign investors in Tonga are welcomed and encouraged to lease land. One can achieve basically the same rights of ownership in a lease as one might ever wish for in any land purchase, and with some advantages.

You can buy and sell, swap, construct at your pleasure and grow about anything that is legal upon your leased land. The only real issue is one has to renew their lease every 99-years. We don’t get to do that even once in our normal lifetime, but given the land lease is transferable and inheritable, your heirs may have that option.

In this offer of “Cocomo-Sea Breeze” on the Vava’u-Hunga Island in the Vava’u Island Group of Tonga, the Noble and Governor of the Northern Island Groups, including Vava’u (Honorable Fulivai) has formed a corporation and set up a 99-year land lease of a large portion of his Estate along the waterfront.

Each home site comes from a portion of this 99-year Master lease. You may build a residence of your choice on this leased land in your selected, surveyed and pegged designated area. The legal structure of Cocomo Village is "condominium" (without the stacked condominiums) in that the master lease is collectively owned by everyone, each Cocomo owner with a single family home site(s). All of the residences will be “detached,” separate and individually owned by the investor making this purchase.

For the full details of the offer, just ask. As well, there is a small monthly payment of just $35 USD = about $65 Tongan dollars as of 13.9.13, which can be paid annually. Portions of these sums go to the local Tongan village for improvements in their community with new equipment and new jobs as well. Lessons learned in other countries regarding unwholesome development of native land are avoided in this giving structure, in spite of the low cost.

Cocomo-Sea Breeze residents will be warmly welcomed for their being a part of this small yet collectively significant contribution back to the local community. Cocomo-Sea Breeze Residential Community is for responsible people who care. To register for your lot(s) simply respond to this posting as indicated or email to us directly requesting the scheme plan map with the lot numbers. Either way we do our best to get you the lot you selected.

Feel free to ask any questions at any time. Cocomo staff are standing by to assist.

Malo e lei, lei,

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST with NO MONEY REQUIRED. Click here for maps and registration form.

CONTACT US for more details.

We are now accepting Bitcoin. The easy way to pay for your lot, pay with Bitcoin.

Brief History of the Noble Fulivai on the island of Vava’u-Hunga

Brief History of the Noble Fulivai on the island of Vava’u-Hunga.

Vava’u-Hunga is an island within the Vava’u Island Group. It is a beautiful Island (1000 acres) with a deep water lagoon.

My ancestor’s used to refer to Hunga as the ROCK because it was so substantial and rose from the sea to great heights. It was also known as the gateway to Vava’u when travelling by water. The name of the Island “Hunga” came from a Tongan word Hu’anga meaning “Entrance” but in time the tongue pronounced it differently and also shortened the spelling.

The King had knowledge of this island and what purpose this lofty island could perform for Vava’u, so His Majesty placed only the strongest warriors to protect and guard the entrance of Vava’u. The King did not send a dozen but he only sent three warriors and their names were Faka’ilonga Tonga, Talikavili and Kaianuanu (Fulivai)
These three warriors were to determine who the enemy might be, a peasant or royal. The three warriors made their decision by what type of mat or tapa worn by the people sailing through to Vava’u. The protectors could easily read what hierarchy each Tongan was, this revealed only from what size mat or tapa worn.

The first Fuliavai had arrived from Samoa. He was known as Fulivai Sanini. Fulivai Sanini helped escort a royal Nun from Samoa, sailing side-by-side with ‘Akauolo (Samoan Matai - a chief). The royal Nun was to marry a close bloodline of the King, this creating an alliance between Samoa and Tonga. Fulivai Sanini never went back to Samoa and he then had a son (Fulivai Kemoatu). Fulivai Kemoatu was then blessed with a son and named him Fulivai Kaianuanu, the beginning of a bloodline of Fulivai Nobles. Fulivai Kaianuanu was the first in the bloodline that King George the 1st Bestowed the Nobility upon. The King rewarded Fulivai Kaianuanu this title because of his courageous honour through the harsh times of civil war. The civil war was the turning point in the Kingdom’s history, where Tonga became a predominately Christian Kingdom. The King gave Vava’u-Hunga to Fulivai Kaianuanu as one of his rewards, making Hunga one of Fulivai Kaianuanu’s estates in Vava’u. People from “Late” (volcanic Island) migrated to Hunga and became settler’s who now are the Vava’u-Hunga people today.

At one time Fijian warriors invaded when the King called upon his warriors from Vava’u-Hunga for battle at the capital, Hunga. On return the three warriors gathered some locals and defeated these Fijians but also offered these same locals a place to stay on Vava’u-Hunga Island. This is why Vava’u-Hunga has Fijian cemeteries. Vava’u-Hunga Island has an exclusive cemetery where only warriors and royal blooded descendants are buried. They named this cemetery “SAKAMOANA”.

The current Lord Fulivai is the 9th generation Fulivai.



Tonga is a magnificently beautiful country. The Kingdom is a constitutional Monarchy, modeled after England and uses English law as its base. Located in the grand South Pacific, Tonga is between Tahiti and Fiji, an independent island nation in the southern Pacific Ocean, located approximately 650 km (approximately 400 mi) southeast of Fiji and approximately 1,850 km (approximately 1,150 mi) northeast of New Zealand. Tonga is the only remaining Polynesian monarchy. Nuku’Alofa is the country’s capitol, chief port, and largest town.

The Vava’u Island Group. This Cluster of islands, North of the Ha’apai Group, is the most spectacular in Tonga. Vava’u is Tonga’s northern island group, made up of over 60 high and thickly forested isles. An attractive, rather hilly main island surrounded by many others, Vava’u has high cliffs which combine to create many deep fiord-like bays. There are many good beaches but you will have to look for them. The main town of Neiafu is built on a hillside facing Port of Refuge Harbor, one of the best in the South Pacific.

Neiafu, the administrative capitol of the Vava‘u Island Group, is one of Tonga’s principal ports. Rich, volcanic soils help make agriculture the primary economic activity in the islands, and products include copra, vanilla, and pumpkins. Vava’u Island is rather large and has kilometer after kilometer of beautiful countryside making for some interesting bicycle rides.

THE VAVA'U ISLAND GROUP is the crown jewel of the safe, stable and benevolent Kingdom of Tonga. Vava'u is a large, reef protected, water playground of about 60 beautiful islands, each with its own interesting character, white sand beaches and all. Here is where you will experience "real" freedom, virtually no crime and true peace of mind. We don't have traffic lights and even the Police have no guns. Tourist come to experience nature in Vava'u for this is perhaps the last place on earth to which you can readily fly that is still unspoiled by runaway commercialism. In any event, life is as good as it gets in this land of emerald islands, crystal clear lagoons, azure seas and friendly people.

What makes Vava'u unique in all of the island groups of the world is the naturally protected island and reef system. The overlapping islands and surrounding reefs create a huge, island-filled sea within a sea that is more like a lake, creating a sea oasis. In most any weather you can travel in the normally calm inter-island waterways. Vava'u offers endless exploration of its treasures and ancient friendly villages.

On the island you will enjoy the tranquility and serenity of what only island life can offer. But, isolated you are not. There are two FERRYBOATS per week that run overnight trips from Vava'u's main port of Neiafu to the Capitol city of Tonga (about 160 miles and $25 US). AIR TRANSPORTATION will soon provide International direct to Vava'u from Fiji direct. Flights Fiji, NZ, and Australia are numerous from the Capitol, about a one-hour flight from Vava'u.

The islands are just now equipped with low-cost cell phone "wireless" service for general communications and Internet access from home. The South Pacific trade winds provide a constant gentle breeze. These same winds bring in cruising yachts from around the world to Vava'u island anchorages and to the main safe-harbour. As an extra special note, Humpback whales can commonly be found basking in Vava'u waters for months.

The Ha’apai island group consists of 60 islands most of which are low laying atolls. Ha’apai is definitely off the beaten track and a great place to escape all the stresses of the 21st century! The region is extremely traditional and has not really been touched by tourism, so this is a great place if you’re looking for a quiet, cultural, “back to basics” experience. As well as offering solitude, Ha’apai is a water lovers paradise . Accommodation is limited, so sit back, relax and enjoy “island life”.

Niuatoputapu Island Group, (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) meaning very holy coconut, is an island in the island nation of Tonga, Pacific Ocean. It is located in the north of the country, 300 km away from Vavau near the border with Samoa. Its closest neighbour is the small island of Tafahi, only 9 km towards the north-northeast. There is an airport in Niuatoputapu, Mataaho airport, which is designated to accept international flights. The population of Niuatoputapu is about 1200. The inhabitants spoke formerly the Niuatoputapu language, but it has now been extinct for centuries. Now the inhabitants speak Tongan. Nevertheless Samoan, Uvean and Futunan elements can be noticed.

Older names for the island are Traitors island or Keppel island.

The central top of Niuatoputapu, just besides Vaipoa, is only a hill of 157 meter high. It is the eroded remnant of a large volcano, which erupted about 3 million years ago. The island is surrounded by a large reef, uplifted and largely covered with volcanic ash, which has yielded it a fertile soil.

Niuatoputapu consists primarily of three villages: Hihifo (meaning "west" in Tongan), Vaipoa, and Falehau. Hihifo is the largest village, and, as its name suggests, lies in the west of the island. It contains the majority of the governmental facilities of the island, including the post office, telecommunications, police station and a high school (there are primary schools in all 3 villages). Vaipoa lies in the middle of the island. To the east is Falehau, which contains Niuatoputapu's port.

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The property selected for this residential development is spectacular and has everything one needs to be self-sufficient and all anyone might want in the way of ambiance, view, healthy and abundant life style. The land is the Estate of Honorable Lord Fulivai, whose family has been residing here for more than 800 years.

Vava’u is unique in the world in many ways. Vava’u has a sheltered inter-island waterway between its islands within this huge reef protected island group, which makes it a water wonderland and safe passage waterway between its numerous islands. Small boats transit these waters regularly and safe from the big waves of the sea, which are kept out of the island group in this unique feature of reef and island protection in the world. The humpback whales have chosen the Vava’u Island Group, as well, as their safe haven for giving birth and raising their young. Nature made Vava’u naturally secure and ever so beautiful.